Kadin // Adam

Kadin//adam is a sculpture duo which we have experimented the female and male body gestures with free-hand line drawings with Ricard Serarols in ENSCI - Les Ateliers Paris. The objects are exhibited in Paris at Tartaix Metal Shop front window.


Exploration of male and female body forms led us using a curvy frame for the female character and an angular frame for the male character of the sculpture duo. Mix of materials and methods were used for production like 3D printing, metalwork and glueing.

Paris 2017

Tartaix Métaux Outillage / front window exposition

'Expérience de la matière' by Xavier Vairai and Johan de Silveira

ENSCI - Les Ateliers

Collaboration with Ricard Serarols

Material/ steel, copper, PLA, meshed fabric