Loodi Outdoor Chair

Loodi was created as an outdoor furniture for a sauna and nature complex in the forest of Viljandi Estonia as a part of the summer school course 'Wood and Design'. 


The course aimed to understanding and experiencing the whole process of furniture making from the tree harvesting and wood preparation to final product with finishing by using only local materials. 


The most common tree in Estonian forests is Birch. Since it is abundant and its bark has special characteristics, I chose to use birch bark. Birch branches with leaves are also commonly used in Estonian sauna ceremony  for its antiseptic effects and pleasant smell. 

'The strong and water-resistant cardboard-like bark can be easily cut, bent, and sewn, which has made it a valuable building, crafting, and writing material, since pre-historic times. Even today, birch bark remains a popular type of wood for various handicrafts and arts.'


The Loodi chair is designed to have a relaxing and refreshing moment after or in between a sauna session. It enables the contact with the ground for the legs and arms. Birch bark is waterproof therefore it can comfortably be used outdoors or in wet conditions. 

Viljandi  Estonia 2018

Tutors/ Jüri Kermik and Simo Heikkilä

EKA Summer School 'Wood and Design'

Material/ birch bark, maple