Prismatic Music Box

Prismatic Music Box is an electronic instrument which can be played with the refraction and reflection of the laser light on the front wall of the box by using various optical tools.


The front wall is divided into 32 sections and it coordinately plays 32 different beats according to location, size and number of the light beam.


Unlike all the light creating musical instruments and music players, Prismatic Music Box is making music with the light. 

It is functioning with the light detection and color tracking via webcam and max msp software.



Glass rectangle prism

Plexiglass rectangle prism

Cylindrical prism





Prismatic Music Box is an interactive object which can also be used to teach about the refraction, reflection and the nature of light, as well as the optical features of different materials. 


It requires multisensory coordination and memory skills, therefore it can be categorised as a game, although there are no rules but the restrictions of the number of beats and the size of the box.  It is also an instrument and a tool to learn about beats, electronic music and DJing in an alternative way than keyboard and computer screen. 


Learning about optics and electronic music in an analog way can inspire kids, boost creativity and encourage them to be social. It can be played with more than one person, therefore it motivates to collaborate with others.

Paris 2017

Laurent Massaloux Atelier - Jeux, jouets et instruments électro 

ENSCI - Les Ateliers

Material/ wood, glass, plexiglass, calcit, quartz, mirror, webcam, laser pointer