Exploring Stucco

Stucco is a construction material traditionally used for both exterior and interior finishes such as decorative coating for walls or ceilings. It is applied in thin layers as hand-applied or machine sprayed. It is durable, water-resistant and can be used as textured or smooth.  According to the number of layers, different thicknesses can be achieved. 

The three vases are stucco covered wood objects. In this application stucco was mixed with quartz sand to create a rough texture on the surface. Hand-applied stucco is then sponged with water before it starts to cure. It has similarities with brushed clay surface, however using wood and stucco has advantages like adjustable thickness, repairable surface and more lightweight structure despite of the large size of the vases which are 40 cm in height.

They were imagined to blend into stucco backgrounds and the fact that this can bring a 2D-3D illusion, the graphically playful form of the border is surprising. The composition of the curves and corners are the results of hand sketches. 

July, 2023

ETH Zürich Raplab / self-initiated project

Dimensions: w30 x d5 x h40 cm

Material: Stucco and plywood