Ellen: The responsive cutlery concept

Ellen, the responsive cutlery concept, is an IoT tool to aid people who are suffering from eating disorders to normalise their eating behavior with behavioral intervention. Behavioral intervention includes measuring eating speed via sensors embedded in the handle of the cutlery set and giving haptic feedback so that the user can regulate their eating speed. The system relies on a smartphone application to track meals using image processing and calculates eating speed using data which is collected from sensors in the cutlery.

Eating disorders are regarded as the deadliest mental disorders. This developed concept aims to promote a discussion on the low success rate of traditional treatment methods placing emphasis on alternative treatment methods such as behavioral intervention. It also aims to raise awareness about eating disorders which are generally misunderstood and often not taken seriously as life threatening disorders.

Tallinn 2019

Tutor/ Ruth-Helene Melioranski

Masters Thesis Work 

Estonian Academy of Arts - Tallinn University of Technology

Materials/ Stainless steel, arduino, vibration motor, acceloremeter, load cell, battery, bluetooth

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